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Smithsonian Grips is a Cape Town, South Africa based gripping and rigging grip company. We specialise in gripping and rigging on films and commercials both locally and internationally. With over 15 years experience, Keith has worked on films such as Star Trek, Judge Dredd, King Tut and Death Race.

Hardworking,  dedicated,  and  cool  under  pressure, Keith has extensive knowledge of  what  to  supply  for  each  scene  and  ability  to  think  quickly  while  completing  tasks  efficiently .  One  step  ahead  of  the  production  in  each  sequence  and  always  anticipating  what  is  needed.  We are available for work within the film hub of South Africa, Cape Town, but also throughout the country and also overseas in the far stretches of the world.

Smithsonian Grips  pride themselves in maintaining professional, defendable rigging services of international standards. Providing creative cost – efficient solutions to challenging projects!

Who are we? What do we do?

Smithsonian Grips is a grip company specialising in all gear rigging on films, commercials, music videos, short films and all TV or film productions. Keith Smith’s extensive knowledge of dolly grips and specially built rigs has made him a popular selection for crews on action sets.

Our gear includes dollies and carts, camera’s, rigging, vehicles and trucks, levellers, low boys and assorted gripping accessories.

What our customer say about us

After  85  television  and  film  productions,  I  have  yet  to  come  across  a  dolly  grip  as  hardworking,  dedicated,  and  talented  as  Keith  Smith.  In  the  midst  of  several  immense  battle  sequences  of  over  800  background  artists  in  the  rough  desert  landscapes  of  Morocco,  Keith  has  always  remained  cool  under  pressure.  His  knowledge  of  what  to  supply  for  each  scene  and  ability  to  think  quickly  while  completing  tasks  efficiently  is  superb.  He  remains  one  step  ahead  of  the  production  in  each  sequence  and  is  always  anticipating  what  is  needed.  It  would  be  my  pleasure  to  recommend  him  to  you  for  your  production.  Thanks,  David  Von  Ancken  “TUT”  Director  and  Executive  Producer

David Von Ancken “TUT” Director and Executive ProducerFloorfilla Media

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